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Company Mighty Nice
Alex Grigg
Executive Producer Jackie Archer
Senior Producer Tina Braham
Production Coordinator: Diana Angelius
Head of Studio: Jeremy Howdin
Edit: Oscar Torres
Storyboard: Bonnie Forsyth and Jeremy Carlen
Design: Jarrod Prince and Manddy Wyckens
Modelling: Greg Petchovsky, Carly Glover, Akhil Mittal, Tristan Lock, Nicole Padilha, Guy Robinson
Rigging: Vincent E Sousa, Ludovic Habas
Animation: Duncan MacLaren, Ben Hubbard, Darragh White, Bill Northcott
Lighting: Sergejs Astahovs, Rowan Karrer, Rebecca Selmes
Compositing: Gareth Chang, Federico Martinez

Client: QBE
Agency: The Core Agency

While at Might Nice I had to privilege to work on the QBE Bounce TVC as a compositor for the project.

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