The Orange Brick Road

Company Mighty Nice
Darren Price
Model/Surface Akhil Mittal (lead), Tristan Lock, Greg Petchkovsky, Tessa Eden, Trent Rogan
Rig Michael Tebble
Animation Duncan MacLaren
Light/Render Rowan Karrer (lead), Rebecca Selmes
Motion Graphics Gareth Chang, Federico Martinez
Matte Painting Kallie Ennever
Composite Vincent E Sousa (lead), Kallie Ennever, Daniel Alvarez
DOP Simon Higgins
Practical Models Yippee Ki Yay
Grade White Chocolate
Production Tina Braham, Diana Angelius
Head of Studio: Jeremy Howdin

Client: Ethical Nutrients
Agency: Jack Watts Currie

While at Might Nice I had to privilege to work on the Ethical Nutrients TVC creating and animation motion graphics.

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